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Up lighting
Center piece lighting
Custom monogram projection
Sheer drape packages
Tented weddings

Up lighting:

We work with you to select the perfect colors. We can provide lighting that either changes color or does not change color throughout the course of the event.

Center piece lighting:

We will light the center pieces on your tables with a pin spot that will hang from pipe and base lighting trees on the perimeter of the room. These trees are very unobtrusive and will be covered in fabric. If the event space permits, we may be able to hang the pin spots from ceiling.

Custom monogram projection:

You supply us with the artwork of what you would like projected and we will have a custom template made that will be used in one of our lights to project the image wherever you want to see it, inside or outside of your event space.


Lanterns illuminated from within, available in many colors and sizes. Wireless lantern packages are also available using our custom designed proprietary led light source. These lanterns will have the ability to be lit in a soft warm glow and if desired can change colors during the course of the evening.

Sheer drape packages:

The addition of white sheer drape will soften the look of your event space. Consider combining this with one of the up lighting packages to create a stunning event space.


Add texturing to your event by projecting break up patterns throughout the event space.

Tented weddings:

Let us design a custom lighting package for your tented wedding. We can also provide you with generators and power distribution to power the entire event.