Port Lighting Team

President and Founder
Todd Gerrish – todd@portlighting.com

Operations Manager
Scott Hunt Executive Vice President of Operations – scott@portlighting.com

Event lighting services
Chris Burr Vice President of Lighting Services  –  chris@portlighting.com
Kyle Stetson Senior Lighting Designer / Project Manager – kyle@portlighting.com
Steve Bearse Senior Lighting Designer / Project Manager  –  steve.bearse@portlighting.com
Sean Harding  Senior Lighting Technician – sean@portlighting.com
Mariana Maranhao Lighting Designer / Project Manager – mariana@portlighting.com 
Pat Richards Lighting Designer / Project Manager – pat.richards@portlighting.com
Lee Mulder Lighting Designer / Project Manager – lee@portlighting.com
Zane Kiser Lighting Technician – zane@portlighting.com

Sales Department
Bob Harriman Sales Manager – bob@portlighting.com
Andrew Dranetz Sales Associate – andrew@portlighting.com

Systems Sales and Installations
For  general inquiries email –   systems@portlighting.com
Ron Kuszmar Vice President of Permanent Systems – ron@portlighting.com
Dan Bourgeois Senior Project Manager – dan@portlighting.
John Beaulieu Senior Technician –  john@portlighting.com
Quentin Stockwell Systems Sales Engineer – quentin@portlighting.com
Adam Blackstock – Installer –   adam@portlighting.com
Keith Chapman – Project Manager –     keith.chapman@portlighting.com 

For general inquiries email – rentals@portlighting.com
Jason Roy – Rental Manager – jason.roy@portlighting.com

Paul Fitzgerald Service Manager – paul@portlighting.com
Steve Tkachuk Service Technician –  steve@portlighting.com

Event Draping Services
Ryan Sanborn – Drape Project Manager –  ryan@portlighting.com
Nicole Lessard – Drape inventory Manager – nicole@portlighting.com
Rae Grassia – Sewing, Design & Installation –  rae@portlighting.com
Emily Sawich – Sewing, Design & Installation –  emily@portlighting.com

Jim Hunt Warehouse Manager – jim.hunt@portlighting.com
Eric Schongar – Warehouse- eric.schongar@portlighting.com
Mike Kaminski – Warehouse-  mike.k@portlighting.com
Alex Hunt – Warehouse – alex@portlighting.com
Margaret Norris – margaret@portlighting.com

Kimberly Gerrish Office Manager / Accounts  Payable – kim@portlighting.com

Mike Savitkas – Driver mike.savitkas@portlighting.com
Mike Kaminski – Warehouse / Driver –  mike.k@portlighting.com